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Practical care tips – neck and upper chest area

  • Traditionally, it has been said that you can tell a woman's real age from the skin on her neck and upper chest area, as well as her hands. 
  • To make yourself look years younger, it is important to give your skin plenty of care.
  • That’s why you should use NIVEA Vital Body Lotion or our NIVEA Q10 firming line. This will give you firm and youthful-looking skin. 
  • To prevent small impurities from affecting the skin’s appearance, try using a scrub. 
  • You should use a scrub around twice a week on the neck and upper chest area. Use a facial scrub for this, as body scrubs can be too rough. Try out the Purifying Wash Gel, for example. 
  • This will remove dead skin cells, improve the skin’s appearance and restore the skin’s radiant glow. 
  • Moisturising masks are just as suitable for this. Apply these to the neck and upper chest area while taking a relaxing bath and treat your skin to an extra dose of moisture, making it look instantly refreshed.