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Whatever your haircare needs, NIVEA is here to help

Your hair is an extension of your self-expression, and just like you, your hair is unique in so many ways. Whether you wear your hair short or long or anywhere in between, whether it’s curly or straight, dry or greasy, we have exactly what you need to keep it happy, healthy and beautiful. Here on this page you’ll find our entire collection of hair products, ranging from shampoos and rinses, to cures, styling sprays, foams, gels and more. Not only that, we’ve got a number of highly informative articles that will help you to choose the optimal haircare product to suit your unique needs and preferences. We’ve got a lot of products here for you to browse through, so try using our filters – located at the top of the page – to refine your search. This allows you to narrow down your selection and find the item you’ve been looking for, or perhaps encounter a new favourite that you didn’t know you’ve been missing all along.

Not sure what you need? We’re here to help

Haircare can be a highly scientific process, but with a little bit of assistance from NIVEA, you should have no problem discovering which products you want so you can keep your hair’s natural lustre, strength or curls how you want them. Looking for a new hairstyle to suit the upcoming season? We’ve got you covered there too. Our selection of extremely helpful walkthroughs, guides and informational articles, written by experts and backed by science, will help demystify the haircare process and help you to determine what you can do to optimise your look and keep your hair strong and healthy no matter who – or where – you may be.

Keep checking back! Our product line changes all the time

We’re always adding new and exclusive pieces to our line-up of NIVEA hair products, so it’s important to keep checking back frequently. We have something here to meet the needs of those wanting to improve their look or simply keep their hair feeling great. It doesn’t matter how difficult or unruly you think your hair is, with one of our informational guides we can help you find ideal styles or products you can use to tame your frizz, fend off split ends and keep your locks moisturised and beautiful all year round. So take a look at our wide range of hair care items and find just the thing for your needs and preferences.