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Damit unsere Haare glänzend und geschmeidig sind, ist es hilfreich, wenn wir nicht nur unseren Haartypen kennen, um Pflege und Styling darauf abzustimmen, sondern auch wissen, was unseren Haaren gut tut. Hier finden Sie zahlreiche Artikel mit Informationen, Produkt-Empfehlungen und Tipps, die Ihnen auf dem Weg zu schönen Haaren weiterhelfen.
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Tips and advice to keep your beautiful hair safe and sound

You’ve worked hard to get that gorgeous head of hear and you should be super proud of yourself! However, the job never ends, and now that your hair is healthy and beautiful, it’s time to keep it that way. We’ve got a plethora of articles, tailored to tackle all your haircare needs and ensure your natural beauty continues to shine no matter what trials you and your hair may encounter. Preventing damage and retaining the lustre and strength of your hair are some of your top priorities now, and our highly informative articles have all the tips, strategies and product recommendations you need to stay on top of it without going crazy.

It is essential to know your hair type

To give our hair the proper treatment that it needs to stay healthy and supple, we need to actually know what sort of hair we have growing on our heads. Without this information, it’s difficult to narrow down the particular products and styling specifications we need to actually make a difference and keep our hair shining. Do you have greasy or dry hair? What about its length, curliness or colour? It all matters when choosing the perfect products or a new style, and it’s not hard to identify your needs. We’re here to help ensure that you know your own head of hair and can make educated decisions about which products and haircare practices are best for you.

Discover and maintain your style, no matter what it is

There are many steps you can take to guarantee that your beautiful hair remains that way, and it’s definitely not all about having the latest and greatest haircare products. Potentially more important is the care that you take with your hair – whether it’s brushing, blow drying or even the style you use and the climate you live in. Colder, windier climates can quickly dry out your hair and lead to split ends. Hotter, moister climates can result in frizz or other undesirable effects. It’s important to know how your hair will react to these different climes so you can take the proper measures to ensure your hair behaves the way you want. You are the master of that beautiful head of hair, and NIVEA is here to guarantee that you stay that way.